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Cultural and creative sectors are important in their own right in terms of their economic footprint and employment. They also spur innovation across the economy, as well as contribute to numerous other channels for positive social impact.


Growing up in this vibrant continent of Africa, my highlight will always be the creative element naturally embedded within our lifestyle; something we never need to plan or re think because it just happens all around us and within us. 


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect  the whole world while plunging the global economy into a recession, the creative industry has been the hardest hit by the pandemic, with large cities often containing the greatest share of jobs at risk.

Our creative economy is facing a problem your organisation is trying to fix.While Kamatana is currently working on ways to identify, nurture and develop the creative youth in Africa to ensure that our economy revives and thrives through the arts, we appreciate your help to enable our efforts to go further.

You can help us transform our creative industry into a thriving creative economy through helping us fulfill our mission. Your support is crucial and much appreciated.

 "When I look at the creative industry in Africa, there is no doubt that the future of our economies will thrive through the arts."

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