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101 Faces
Of The African Girl Child

As one of the projects running under Kamatana Foundation, 101 faces of the African girl child is designed to encourage the creative untapped potential within the creatively talented African Girl Child.

This in itself has the potential to enhance the ability of the girl child to empower herself. ‘HER’ creative offering has not been nurtured to enable HER to develop her skills, develop self and earn an income out of her ART while pursuing her passion for future financial independence, self growth & development.


Some of their culturally-inspired arts/crafts/creative skills include music, poetry, dance, fabric dying techniques, grass weaving, clay sculpting, wire beading, garment beadwork, crotchet, braiding, fabric weaving, cooking and much more.


Through this project, 101 girls will have an opportunity to share their creative skills; a process that will turn each engagement/connection into a special page featuring each girl’s unique creative gift to make up 101 pages. On each page, a caption of each girl’s dream is highlighted.

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